Flower Power Spring Party @ Café Loburg

Flower Power Spring Party @ Café LoburgDearest Party People,

The triple storm combo of Ciara, Dennis and Ellen left us with one of the windiest winters that many can remember in Wageningen. Fortunately, spring is almost here again and we must celebrate accordingly. Where and how, though? Well, we’ve figured it out for you: what is better to celebrate the arrival of the first spring of the new 20’s than a splendid Flower Power Party!

Join us and make love, not war, on Friday the 27th of March at Café Loburg! The sinful organizers of last year’s Carnival and Glow parties are conspiring again to keep the eclectic community of Wageningen entertained, the theme this time being spring, love, and psychedelia. Prepare your wavy mind-opening outfits and dress to impress, for there will be a prize for the best costume! We will provide fluorescent face-paint to ensure that everybody gets their chance to glow in the dark. The always loving DJ Costas will hook us with his best musical selection, which will include hints of the hippy-minded times (60’s, 70’s and even some 80’s). There will be a limited edition prosecco-love cocktail, make sure to get one before they run out!

Spread the word and tell your loved ones about the gathering! Make sure to come early, as entrance might eventually be limited. Doors will open at 21:00 and the party will go on until 04:00. The entrance fee will be 5 euros cash, and with it, you will participate in our love lottery for free!

The party is organized by PhD candidates of the Laboratories of Microbiology and Systems & Synthetic Biology in collaboration with Café Loburg. Come have fun and shake your booty while loving one another; helping scientists to make a better world has never been so easy!

Facebook Event : https://www.facebook.com/events/2579846915637340/

Location : Café Loburg
Date : Friday March 27
Time : 21:00 hrs
Entry: 5 euro