Forever Saturday @ Café Loburg

Forever Saturday @ Café LoburgHistory:

There once was a young punk band named The Hague Idiots, back in 2012. The average age at that time is 14 years… Determined to conquer the world, the four friends rehearsed day after day, week after week. They eat, sleep and breathed music….

The band started off by playing covers from their idols like Green Day, Beatles, Weezer and Blink 182. Soon they started writing their own songs. It didn’t take then long to skip all covers from the setlist.
Nowadays the band only play their own songs. The first demo and video, named School’s Out, was picked up by 3FM DJ Rob Stenders. He invited them several times to play live in the studio …the first time the band was in a radio studio ever. Crappy and rough, but all energy!


A lot has changed since that first demo. From 2015 on, the band is called Forever Saturday.
But not only the name has changed: so did the music. The punk attitude remained but nowadays the repertoire has broadened and deepened. It varies from solid alternative and indie rock to uptempo pop songs.

The big guitar sounds in combination with harmonic vocals are strong features and characteristic for the band. There is a long setlist of originals, the band has never ending inspiration and is always writing new material. Continously experimenting and looking for new sounds, combining styles and exploring new creative roads.

Over the years they have played more than hundred gigs, from small venues to large festivals. Always giving 100% in an energetic and dynamic live show! In 2017 an album was released, they signed with a big booking agent and played in Popronde Nederland!


Facebook event:

Date: Friday June 8
Location: Café Loburg
Time: 23:00 hrs
Entry: 2,50 euro