Got the Sunday afternoon blues?

Get down to Bluesclub XXL in Wageningen.

I don’t know anything about the blues except that it makes me happy. And I’m happy to say that some of the best blues this side of the Mississippi happens right here in Wageningen.
Once a month (sometimes more, sometimes less) you’ll find all sorts of interesting-looking people heading down Riemsdijkstraat, just off town square. They’re on their way to Café XL for the live Sunday blues session.
Over the last few months I’ve checked out American blues-master Tom Principato, and just before Christmas we saw Dutch guitar-legend Jan Akkerman, fronted by an awesome improv front man whose name I never did manage to catch. Both these acts were in English, although artists from around the world have been on stage at XXL.
At Bluesclub XXL the whiskeys are big, the music fantastic and the seats plentiful if you get there early enough. The crowd is pleasantly matured, with a nice slice of regular faces showing up at each event.
So get there early, catch a couple of chairs and chill. Even though the entrance of 12.50 euro is steep for non-members it’s worth every cent. (And it’s a powerful incentive to become a member and save BIG on the cover charge).
The Sunday sessions at Bluesclub XXL usually start at about 15:30. Check out the schedule of upcoming dates and artists at And for a whole weekend of the good stuff, don’t forget the Blueskroegentocht (literally Blues Pub Crawl) in Wageningen on the 15th to 17th of January 2010. Check out