LoburgLive Rocks: Peach (indie rock/punk) @ Café Loburg

 LoburgLive Rocks: Peach (indie rock/punk) @ Café LoburgPEACH

Fresh ’n juicy., raw but then again sensitive and sweet…from heavy to whispering soft… get carried away by its dynamics!

The band is inspired by Weezer, Beach Boys, Beatles but also
by bands as Dinosaur Pile Up, The Wombats, Hippocampus and The Strokes. July 2019 they made new recordings to be released end of this year.

Lead vocals & guitars – Anthony Koenn
Bass guitar & background vocals – Kasper Spijkerman
Drums & background vocals – Sekou Camara

Website: https://peach.band/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/peach.band.peach/

Location: Café Loburg
Date: Friday October 25
Time: 23:00 hrs
Entrance: Free, donations welcome :)