Met spoed spelers gezocht voor Inspringtheater

Met spoed spelers gezocht voor InspringtheaterHow would you act?!
Integrity in research.

Are you interested in this topic? Or would you like to have fun and learn about Forum Theatre, and interactive method where everybody can be an actor? Join us!

We are looking for actors to join in our interactive play called ‘Are you sure?’. The play is about scientific integrity, during the performance the audience is invited to think along how they would act and jump in.

Prior experience with acting is not needed. The play is in English.

3 rehearsals: Tuesday 17, 24 Sep en 1 Oct, 20.00-22.30 hr in Wageningen.
1 performance: Wednesday 2th of October 18.00-22.30 hr in Ede.

Interested? mail to

Stichting Inspringtheater (Jump-in Theatre) organises workshops, courses and produces theatre performances. Inspringtheater works with the participatory theatre technic, called Forum Theatre to encourage dialogue, critical thinking and empowerment. Inspringtheater was founded in 1972 as ‘Boerentoneel’ (Farmers theater) and is part of Boerengroep (farmers foundation). Stichting Boerengroep aims to close the gap between agriculture at the university and the reality and challenges of farmers and peasants around the world.