Quiet is the new loud – Alain Fournier & Paul Bond

Quiet is the new loud – Alain Fournier & Paul Bond

Quiet is the new loud - Alain Fournier & Paul BondTo help you start your year off smooth, on thursday the 11th of January we will have 2018’s first edition of Quiet is the new loud!

For this month’s musical masterpiece we will have a solo performance by Alain Fournier, also known as AlascA’s Frank Bond!

Alain Fournier, AlascA’s lead vocalist

After its debut Actors & Liars, AlascA decided to welcome the best of country music to its sound to evolve into what they call European Country. The result was Prospero, an album that revealed an expanded rich and rawer palette that includes mariachi trumpets, slide guitars, Morricone-influenced production elements and a saloon piano that sounds like it was rescued from a flooded New Orleans basement.

Reviews of the album Prospero:
De Volkskrant
“There should no longer be any doubt whatsoever. AlascA makes albums of great significance”

De Telegraaf
“Beautiful record with a highly unique and playful concept”

Lust for Life
“AlascA’s Prospero is a classy and tasteful showcase of extraordinary songwriting talent in the rich genre of alternative country music”

“The combination of country pop and the wide western sound inspired by Ennio Morricone make these songs unique. I don’t know anything like it.”

As usual, the tunes will be played in De Bblthk in Wageningen, and entry will be free. Mind you, this grand opening of 2018 will be on a thursday, to give you something to look forward to during the rest of the week.

It promises to be a night to remember, so be there or be square!