Science Café Wageningen – Biosensors

Science Café Wageningen - BiosensorsIn this Science Café Prof. dr. Menno Prins and dr. Aart van Amerongen will address the state-of-the-art in sensing and diagnostics with respect to personalised drug dosing, so-called therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM). Aart van Amerongen will focus on the consequences of differences in the metabolism of drugs between people and on Point-of-Care diagnostics that can be used by patients at home and allow for wireless transfer of results to the doctor in attendance. Menno Prins will discuss innovative technologies for continuous monitoring, including applications in healthcare and industrial processing.

Location : Café Loburg
Date : Thursday March 19
Time : Start w/ live music by Birds of a Feather at 19:45 hrs. Speakers start at 20:15 hrs.
Entry : Free