Science Café Wageningen @ Café Loburg

Science Café Wageningen @ Café LoburgThursday September 19 @ Café Loburg: Science Café Wageningen – Climate Change Policy & Ethics. Start at 19:45 hrs with live music by Radiant Wood Speakers start at 20:15 hrs. Free entrance.

During the last century the global temperature has been rising at an unprecedented rate. Our current economy contributed to climate change through greenhouse gas emissions, and at the same time suffers from climate change effects, such as extreme weather events.

Therefore, in 2015 many countries including the Netherlands signed the UN agreement in Paris to limit this global warming below 2°C above pre-industrial levels. The Dutch goal is to reduce CO2 emissions to almost zero by 2050. And yet, global energy-related CO2 emissions rose in 2018 to their historical highs according to the Global Energy and CO2 Status Report. How are the Netherlands, Europe and the globe planning to achieve their emission targets? Which policies are being put forward and what will be the role of the private sector, the government and citizens? And in which way are current moral convictions and political regulations prepared for these challenges?

In this Science Cafe, these questions will be addressed by two eminent speakers. Our first speaker Prof. Rik Leemans will update us on the main climate-change factors and the necessary emission reductions on how to minimise the climate change impact. Our second speaker Prof. Marcus Düwell will help us understand the climate change from an ethical perspective.