Stichting Inspringtheater is op zoek naar spelers!

Stichting Inspringtheater is op zoek naar spelers! STRESSED ACTORS WANTED!

The Jump-in Theatre group (Inspringtheater) is looking for you!! We need 2 more persons to join as an actor in the upcoming interactive theatre performances/workshops.

This project is in english. You will learn about the interactive theater method we use (forum theatre). Besides, it’s an opportunity to learn more about the theme ‘stress’.

You don’t need a lot of theatre experience to join, but you should be available on the dates of the rehearsal and the performances.

The rehearsal will be on sunday 7th of april 09.45-16.00hrs.

The performances will be on monday 15th of april and 24th of may (both during daytime!) and wednesday 12th of june (in the evening).

The performance ‘Dealing With Stress’ shows 3 different persons dealing with pressure and shows the emotions that come with this. In the workshop the audience discusses ways to deal with it, communicating with intern and extern factors of stress.

Interested? mail to