Tuesday Night Live Jam Session feat. Alejandro letelier

Tuesday Night Live Jam Session feat. Alejandro letelierAlejandro Letelier is a talented guitaristo and singer from Santiago de Chile. He is currently on tour in Europa again after 2 years of absence and he will be attending the coming Jam Session in Café Loburg, Wageningen on Tuesday the 20th of August. As a singer/songwriter Alejandro has toured for the past decade in Chile from the Andes, the Big cities like Santiago up into the Patagonian desert. He has distilled traditional Chilean music and mixes it with more contemporary styles like Pop, Blues and Jazz. The jamsession in Loburg starts at 20.30 and gives musicians of all kinds an opportunity to play along with Alejandro, accompanied by the Loburg house band. We will be playing, amongst some chilean folklore pieces, mainly Blues traditionals but with a clear south American twist. Enjoy!

Alejandro Letelier on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JanoLetelier

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/658094048008040/

Location: Café Loburg
Date: Tuesday August 20
Time: 20:30 hrs
Entrance: Free