‘A taste of quilting’

‘A taste of quilting’ Come relax and be creative in a workshop to turn your old clothes into a lasting memory with ‘A  taste of quilting’.

‘A taste of quilting’ is a relaxing workshop where you learn how to turn those old clothes you love but can’t wear anymore into a lasting memory.

What if I told you, you can turn those clothes into a lasting memory you can use in your day-to-day life? With quilting techniques, you’ll turn the clothes into a mini memory quilt. You can use the mini memory quilt as a coaster, so every time you enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of gin, you are reminded of those memories when you put the cup down. Also, you can sneak the mini-quilt in your pocket, so every time you have an important presentation you can take the good memories with you to give you strength.

The workshop will be around 3 hours in total. The only thing you have to bring is 2-3 items of clothing you don’t mind cutting up for the lasting memory (non-stretch works best). Also, you can bring a fabric scissor and embroidery scissor if you have one.

During the workshop, you learn the basics of quilting to make the mini-quilts. Call it ‘a taste of quilting’. Also, during the workshop, you get to connect with the other people present through sharing the stories associated with the fabrics each person brought. Storytelling and sharing memories is one of the foundational ways to make connections with other people. Especially if it’s done under the banner of creative expression. Let’s have a creative afternoon together that will turn into a lasting happy memory.

P.S.: As you might have guessed the language spoken during the workshop will be English.

This activity is part of the MeeMaakPodium of the bblthk: an open stage for everyone who loves art and culture. A place where you can dream and do! More about the MeeMaakPodium: http://www.bblthk.nl/meemaakpodium