Improv Comedy Crash Course

Improv Comedy Crash CourseHave you ever struggled finding something funny to say on the spot?
Do you want to feel more comfortable being on stage – performing or presenting?
Or are you just looking for a group of fellow goofballs to do improv comedy with?
Then we have the thing for you! A series of improvised theatre comedy workshops.

We are the Wageningen Comedy Club. We have been around since 2015 learning, exploring, and teaching improvised and stand-up comedy. Pre-lockdown we met up weekly to practice improvised comedy and hang out, but COVID put a stop to that. Now, we are excited to get started again. The Wageningen Comedy Club has partnered up with the bblthk to host a 5 week improvisational comedy crash course on Tuesday evenings starting April 12th to get it all started again.

Sign-up and discover the glee of improv comedy!

(Yes, I used the word glee, that is how excited I am to start these improv workshops again!)

What to expect
Week 1 – Intro to Improv
Week 2 – Endowment / Painting the Scene
Week 3 – Character Creation
Week 4 – Physicality
Week 5 – Conclusion / Mini-Show (for ourselves)
April 12-May 10, 2022 every Tuesday from 20:15 – 21:15

De bblthk workshop room upstairs (South-West corner room with windows to the plaza)

Note: these workshops are in English due to the diversity of the community. Don’t worry, many of us speak English as a 2nd language, we still have fun!

Questions for the Wageningen Comedy Club? Contact Emma or Sarah via