A Family Festive Fiasco

A Family Festive Fiasco🎅🏼 Family drama! Sibling Feuds! Cringe-y reruns of your past, and more!

A Festive Family Fiasco is an improvised comedy of a festive family gathering. If you are thinking drama, sibling feuds, and old embarrassing stories told by your mom, then you are on the right track!
You, the audience, will provide us with some prompts that the improvisers will incorporate in the creation of their characters and intrigues because it is improvised.
Family drama is so much more fun when it isn’t yours, come and enjoy risk free! 🥂 It’s our treat before the holidays!

Tickets can be bought at the door from 19:45 before the show.
Show starts at 20:00
Location: Theater de Wilde Wereld