Leer improviseren met gemak en lol

Leer improviseren met gemak en lolKom zaterdag 10 februari spelen, improviseren, ontspannen, jezelf en anderen ontmoeten en lol hebben in De Superette!

En meld je aan bij Creatiefhuis.Wageningen@gmail.com! Zonder een groepje mensen werken de spelletjes niet zo lekker.

Meer info in English:

Learn to improvise with Interplay

Interplay is yoga for your creativity. Playful games invite you to improvise with movement, voice, storytelling and silence in an atmosphere where everything is welcomed and you can’t do anything wrong. This can help you to connect deeper with your own body and the people around you, to find relaxation and to wake up your own playfulness.

Who: Suitable for everyone, whether you are already playful in your life or not!
Also a great entrance if you always wanted to improvise with the Comedy Club and put pressure on yourself to be funny. Here you don’t need to be (and at Comedy Club neither).

What: Playing games where we will move, babble, breath with sounds and with silence. That may lead us to play, dance, storytelling, songs and noticings. With the whole group, small groups, pairs and solo. We will make space for what is without judgement. You cannot do anything wrong.
If a game doesn’t fit you, you may always adjust it. It is a lesson in discovering how you can be spontaneous and authentic.

About Bart
Bart is an actor and facilitator of improvisation theatre, clowing, circus and creative process support. In 2017 he came across Interplay and was immediately sold and quickly started using games and the attitude in his own workshops. So he followed the Interplay Leader training, got certified and enjoys sharing it at the stage, the dance floor or life in general.

A donation which is serious to you, is very welcome. After all, it’s a whole day and at De Superette, everything runs on donations:).
And please, sign up! For this workshop we need it.

More about InterPlay
In the Netherlands: http://www.interplaynederland.nl
In the US http://www.interplay.org