Melting Pot

Wageningen, Melting Pot

Or, a bubble full of bubbles
Afloat in the vast Netherlands
Alone like a space shuttle

City of freedom, liberated from
Most of human troubles
Nearly 80 years of peace that were
Built up amongst the rubble

Attractive? “yes!”, her population
Growing like a stubble
Within a couple years
Who knows it may as well be double

I see new families, young mothers
And since greenery
It’s scenery covers
Among them many nature lovers

With University in town
That now on own campus stands
A new bubble took its shape
With scientists and with students

Drawing in a crowd, that now
Surely complements
Those who came before:
Original inhabitants

Throughout Binnenstad, Centrum
Nude, Noordwest
Wageningen Hoog,
Beneden- Bovenbuurt, the rest

Wageningen, bubble
With a permeable wall
With people from all over
That is international

A bubble, not an island
Welcoming those who seek asylum

Fleeing from a raging war
Seeking peace and hope
A future in a twinkling star
Or a shiny ball of soap?

A twinkling star she is there
Sparkling with an open mind
A mix of incomes, genders,
Orientations you may find

But also; ages, music tastes
Religion, where we live
The clothes we wear
Colour of hair,
The gifts we like to give
Where you were born
Dutch or foreign
Languages we speak
The way we talk
An open book?
Or only a sneak peek
Your favourite colours
And, the way you like to dance
A lone wolf, or surrounded
Maybe drowning in the friends
The people you know
Or the things you like to do
Making art, playing sports,
Or, getting family through
With hard work daily,
That is, sweating on the grind
It’s easy to distinguish
To discern with human mind

I conclude that: “all of us differ”
In some peculiar way
Call it: “Unique”, or “weird”,
In either form yes one could say

Thus paradoxically, or
strangely remarkable,
In a sense
What connects us all is our

Acknowledgement of that is key
The challenge then, through that to see
How to combine, to bridge the gaps
Synergize, find where our steps
Our paths they cross, run parallel
A story who’s part all can tell

Wageningen, bubble full of bubbles

Melting pot
Today our bubbles meet
All at the same time in one spot

From all walks of life
Meeting another on this path
In one gigantic or humongous
Call it: Bubble bath

May Wageningen be a melting pot

A bubble full of bubbles
In which a mix of tastes, types,
people, cultures shuffle

Doubles, triplets, quartets
Rather not alone
Shall ice cream scoops
Droop, melting in a cone

Cicuto or Anton-ios
Diverse lists, portfolios
Of connections and relations
Traveling new roads as if we were on a vacation

Yet at home
Melting, in that ice cream cone
(A zone, with tastes that are flamboyant or anew
Try it out, perhaps it’s tastier than anything you knew)


Meer dan 200 mensen, door elkaar gemengd geplaatst aan lange eettafels in de grote kerk. Prikkelende performances en
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Bob ter Haar