Voice of the North Sea lunch-lecture-concert Monday 19th June 12:30

Voice of the North Sea lunch-lecture-concert Monday 19th June 12:30Voice of the North Sea
19th of June 12:30-13:30, Impulse, Stippeneng 2 Wageningen.

Join WUR scientists and artists in a journey into the magical beauty of the North Sea and experience how most animals communicate with sound and how beautiful the soundscape is of a biodiverse, healthy reef. Young animals need this biodiverse concert to lead them to their new home, in silence they will be lost. You can experience biodiversity from the perspective of a fish. In this very special edition of Impulse lunch concerts you’ll meet chairholder Tinka Murk (WUR marine animal ecology) collaborating with sound artist in residence Remco de Kluizenaar. Music, composed with sound recordings from scientists of WUR and other universities, blends with lecture and inspiring storytelling. But then anthropogenic North Sea voices like shipping noise and pole hammering for wind turbines enter the music to turn it into “next door house party ugliness” and worse. Could there be a more benign, symbiogenic music in the near future? Will we start listening to the voice of the North Sea and respect the biodiversity of the natural musicians?
Come and listen to the beauty, the problems and promises

picture by Tinka Murk, graphic design by Remco de Kluizenaar,

Voice of the North Sea is made possible by contributions from Wageningen Municipality and WUR. It is developed in collaboration with chairholder Tinka Murk from WUR Marine Animal Ecology, and supported by MAE students Anna Berestova, Valentin Bordoux, Ties Maris and others. Also involved in the cocreation: Hans Slabbekoorn, chairholder Acoustic Ecology at Leiden University. With auditive contributions from: VLIZ.be and University Gent (Clea Parcerisas), Baudewijn Odé, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (Annebelle Kok), sound artist Ansgar Silies.de, Jomopans/Rijkswaterstaat (Niels Kinneging), Jeroen Hubert (Leiden), Ambient.de hydrophones, fishbase.netdosits.orgxeno-canto.org and other databases, freesound.org, and many field recording enthusiasts.